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Widespread Collection of Diploma Mills Online

The large and wide-spread and massive organized Diploma Mill Scam ring includes not only Ashwood University but also these other sites owned and operated by the SAME guy in Pakistan. His name is Samuel Kureshi but you will not find him on facebook or by email. He hides behind the fake names of schools ripped off from real university names to fool you.  The main fake online universities here are those listed below. Be  fore-warned about these website and DO NOT EVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO THEM.

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Fake Self-Serving Accreditation

Ashwood University claims accreditation by the WOEAC, or the World Online  Education Accreditation Commission. The truth is that this agency is completely fake and made up by the same people that own the Ashwood University website.

LMAO -> Customer Feedback:

“This program offers you an opportunity to earn a doctorate’s degree
based on your work or life experience, without requiring you to take
admission exams, attend classes, or study course books.

The assessment for your doctorate’s degree will be done by our
professional and knowledgeable evaluation faculty for free without
charging your credit card. If you qualify, your card will then be charged
and your degree will be sent to you in 7 days.

Your doctorate’s degree will be accredited and recognized because
Ashwood University has been given accreditation by the World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC) and the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA).”

I can smell a scam from a mile away. Sure you can get a degree but nobody in their right mind would accept it. Let’s all just give out our credit card numbers and see if we can qualify for a PhD in a week………….

A Few References are:

Get Educated

Rip-Off Reports

Complaints Board

Go 4 Learning

Important Notice

Ashwood University Diploma Mill Scam

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Panword University and Ashwood are the same FAKE School

After careful investigation, it is clear that Panworld University and Ashwood University are one in the same. Both are owned and operated by the same person in Pakistan. These fake online universities are part of a ring of fraud and deceit that has been hitting the US consumer for years now. Many unaware of the fraudulent scheme, buy a fake degree thinking it hold proper accreditation with the intention of using it for college transfer credits or for gaining employment.

The fact is that these degrees are of no use and are not recognized by any employer, college or university. Sites are posting volumes of information about these corrupt websites that are currently under investigation by the authorities. Even while these sites are making beginning to make consumers aware of the fraud taking place, the owners of the diploma mill ring are quickly working to fool the consumer by using deceptive marketing tactics to hide the real truth and to keep their false market propaganda moving at full speed.

Because they operate out of Pakistan, it has proved difficult for US authorities to cease and desist operation of these illegal website taking millions from the consumer.

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One of the most…

One of the most recent website clones to Ashwood University, McFord University, Belford University and all the others listed on DiplomaMillcam.com is the Must University. It is a more recent copy posted on the internet.

A few other places reporting the scam of this FAKE university are referenced below:



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Ashwood University Unaccredited, Fake, Scam, Fraud Diploma Mill

I found out about Ashwood University while searching for online universities awarding degrees on the basis of prior learning assessment i.e awarding degree based on my life experiences.

I was warned that Ashwood University is a Scam and I should apply in some other online university. But I got fooled by the amazing offers on their website and applied there, despite of all the negative feedback about the university. Much of the negative feedback is quickly removed or covered up by the fraud ring operating this and other sites.

At that time, I never thought that I am setting myself up for a ‘life experience’, which I can never forget.

All went smoothly in the first phase (registering on Ashwood website), I used my credit card to pay for bachelor’s degree. I was told that my experience is relevant to the requirement of the degree and my documents will be mailed to me in fifteen working days.

As of now, it has been more than fifteen weeks and I’m yet to get any document.

Talking about the agony Ashwood University put me through. After finishing the registration process I waited for my documents to arrive. Fifteen days later, I called the number they have displayed on their website and throughout that day what I got was an automated voice telling me that the network is down.

Day seventeen, after two restless days, someone finally picked my phone and I had to provide all my information again just to verify myself. They guy on the other end of the phone told me that I have failed their assessment and all I can get is a high school diploma.

As tormented as I was, I accepted the offer. He also told me that the amount I have paid in access, a diploma costs less than a bachelor’s degree, will not be refunded as it is my fault that I didn’t proved my credentials properly. At the end of the conversation, I was told that I have to wait for another fifteen working days.

Day thirty-two, shenanigans of Ashwood people continued. On receiving my call the person, very rudely, said, “it is the fifteenth day, be patient.” and hung up!

After this whenever I called, the best I got was that, “ma’am let me transfer your call to our manager.”

Mostly, I had to record my message as no one was there to pick up the phone.

Countless months have passed and still I don’t have a degree or a diploma. No one in Ashwood picks up my phone call. I think they have my no saved and put on an ignore list!

This post is just to advice people that trust me when I say that Ashwood University is only there to give you a life experience, a very tormenting one. They are nothing but a scam company fleecing people.

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Fraudulent Ashwood University Degrees

Back in March 2010, I applied for, and got a Bachelor’s Degree first, then a Master’s Degree in Photography from Ashwood University. Since then I have faxed seven degree verification requests as per the process but all in vain. Ashwood University never responds to degree verification request. Even I tried calling them a hundred times; however, not a single call was answered. They might also have added my number to IGNORE LIST.

I have been working as a free-lance photographer for 7 years. The experience I have; qualifies me for the stated degrees. My application forms were accepted without any issue and I paid $499 for each degree. The total investment of $1000 has reaped no fruits till now; moreover, I lost seven excellent opportunities because my documents were not verified by the university.

I will vote in favor of living an uneducated life but earning a degree from Ashwood University. Please search other credible universities for life experience degrees and distance education but never fall for the only fake university stated above.


Ffor more facts about this member of a Diploma Mill Scam Ring, refer to diplomamillscam.com

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Ashwood University has NO verification of their own degrees!

Ashwood University, what more can I add to their memories of swindling people. I am very glad to get a proper forum to vent my anger. As Ashwood guys don’t even bother to take my calls. Yes, indeed they also have victimized me. Unlike most of you, I did get my documents (after two months). However, my troubles started after getting my documents.

I applied for the job I needed the degree for and I was selected. They asked me to submit my documents. With my fingers crossed, I gave them all my documents including my Ashwood University’s master’s degree. The HR people told me that they would contact me as soon as my documents and references are verified.

Three days later, I got a call from the HR guy that my university is not responding and the Master’s Degree is yet to be verified. On further inquiry, he told me that the verification number I provided is now disconnected.

I quickly logged on to Ashwood University website and noted down their new contact number. I dialed the provided contact number and asked the person to verify my master’s degree. I was put on hold, and that was the last I heard from them.

I wasted my money, lost a very good job opportunity and got myself a bad name in the local job market. I curse Ashwood people for ripping off innocent people.

My advice is to stay away from Ashwood University; they are nothing but a scam.

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The Ashwood University Diploma Mill Ring

It’s a diploma mill pure and simple. You may be requested to submit some type of documentation for having it reviewed, but there is 100% acceptance, 100% graduation for anybody who submits the valid credit card number.

An Ashwood degree carries no value, and any organization doing a perfunctory check can discover the fact. Ashwood University is a fake online university, awarding unaccredited degrees to anyone with a credit card. You get to know its non-accredited and fake status when you call their advisory services; the contact number they have given on their website is mostly inaccessible, and even if they receive your call, which is highly unlikely, they transfer it to other irrelevant people and never answer your queries or questions.

In reality there are no advisors of Ashwood University. They are actually sales people, trying to either sell the product or negotiate as per the case. Their aim is to sell as much worth-less papers, ACCREDITED DEGREES, as they can for commission maximization.

Such universities are simply ruining the industry of online educational institutions, particularly universities awarding degrees based on life experience.